COVID-19 Update: July 16, 2020

Jacaranda Manor continues to take precautions to protect residents and staff from the coronavirus. 
Pinellas County has experienced a spike in the number of positive test results. We have tested all our residents and, at this time, Jacaranda Manor has 77 positive residents in house and all are residing on our dedicated COVID units. 
At this time, we are treating the entire building as a HOT zone. That means we approach all residents as if they were positive. Our residents have been separated; residents who have received a NEGATIVE test result are not living in an area with residents who have received a POSITIVE result. 
Any resident who shows signs/symptoms of the virus is moved to an isolation unit, tested, and remains isolated until test results have been received. If the test result is positive, the resident is moved to our dedicated COVID unit. This unit is separated from the rest of the building/residents and is staffed by employees who work only on this unit.
Residents will be retested if they show signs or symptoms. Staff is tested every 2 weeks and anyone who receives a positive result will not be allowed to work until 2 negative results are received.  
As always, we report our actions to the CDC and Department of Health. The staff and residents continue to wear masks throughout the day to protect one another. I will continue to keep everyone informed of our residents and staff at Jacaranda Manor.